2011 Update

This section of the website provides an update on the Horkesley Park Planning Application.  For convenience this section is broken down into categories - see the menu on the left of the page.  The remainder of the website remains unaltered as this information is current, detailing the Application, the content of the proposals, the consultants, Q&A and much, much more…

The Planning Application was submitted to Colchester Borough Council (CBC) in February 2009.  Part of the Planning Application was an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which examined the effects of the proposals.  The scope for the EIA had been formally agreed in advancWalking to the Entrance and Main Exit Rotunda with London Road in the backgrounde with CBC and its Statutory Consultees.  A team of independent national specialist consultants, led by LDA Design, assessed the Scheme and completed the EIA, studies and reports, which concluded that across the board Horkesley Park would deliver a raft of potential benefits with no significant adverse effect.

Following the submission of our Application, CBC contacted various bodies (including Statutory Consultees), with responsibilities for different aspects of the proposals covering such matters as transport, landscape, ecology and planning policy. Responses from the Statutory Consultees were made public on the CBC website and where additional information or clarification has been called for from us this has been provided. 

The general public also responded in their thousands showing an overwhelming amount of support for Horkesley Park.

When we submitted the Application, never did we envisage that a process that should have been completed in 16 weeks would take well in excess of 2 years. It’s been a long road but there is light at the end of the tunnel with the Planning Committee meeting to determine the Application now set for Thursday 26 May 2011.

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